We’re here to support, grow and promote our members’ businesses: including multinational publishers, platform holders, indie developers, leaders in mixed reality and esports through to the emerging generation of students and the service companies that support the sector's growth.

How much does it cost to join?

    • Full Member Fees:

      Relevant Turnover (£) Annual Fee (+VAT)
      0 - 250,000 £575+VAT
      250,000 - 1m £850+VAT
      1m - 2.5m £2,300+VAT
      2.5m - 5m £5,750+VAT
      5m - 10m £11,500+VAT
      10m - 20m £23,000+VAT
      20m - 40m £46,000+VAT
      40m - 60m £57,000+VAT
      60m - 100m £68,500+VAT
      100m+ £80,000+VAT
    • Partner Member Fees:

      Partner membership is a bespoke package tailored to each members needs. The core benefits are listed above but we agree a unique package with each partner member in advance of them joining and work collectively to ensure all activities are actioned.

      Partner membership fee start at £3,000 + VAT per annum.

      Additional extras agreed with Partner, could include:

      • Speaking slot at Ukie event 
      • Member network dinner or lunch
      • Delegation visit 
      • Ukie curated event support
      • Sponsorship of Ukie events
      • Bespoke research by insight team

    • Student Member Fees:

      Number of students Annual Fee (+VAT)
      0 - 9 £150+VAT
      10 - 24 £250+VAT
      25 - 49 £550+VAT
      50 - 99 £1,125+VAT
      100 - 199 £2,200+VAT
      200 - 299 £3,500+VAT
      300 - 399 £4,000+VAT
      400 - 499 £6,750+VAT
      500 - 599 £7,500+VAT
      600+ £9,000+VAT

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By becoming a Ukie member you'll join over 480 other games businesses, from large format holders and some of the UK's biggest developers, all the biggest global games publishers, to promising start-ups and rising stars of the UK's games sector.